#TeaserTuesday: Theron’s Folly, Part Two

A late #teasertuesday post, continuing off from a previous Tuesday, which can be found here.

Dragging the ladder sideways was easy. As soon as it hit the hook, she started to lift again. She strained until she could not lift any more and then let it drop. With the odd sound of wood hitting metal, the second rung struck the hook. Just as she hoped, it held; the ladder stayed suspended a foot off the ground.

After that it was simple: lift, pause, lift, pause. The hook held each time she needed to rest. As she finally got the bottom of the ladder onto the outcropping, she heard the tower door slam open.

They were in the final stretch, but so was she.

Quickly shoving the ladder against the back wall, she checked to make certain it would not slide and then scrambled upwards. It was not until she reached the top that she realized her mistake.

She had placed the ladder in line with the hook, not her original position. In between those two places was a large gap where the wall had crumbled. She let out a word that would have gotten her scolded until sundown had any of the village women heard it.

There was a loud call from across the gap. Theron looked up to see Nereus waving at her, one hand firmly on Damon’s Pole. His tunic had been half tugged out from his belt, obviously by someone seeking to hold him back, and sweat plastered his dark hair to his forehead, but he wore a bright grin on his face.

The rest of the group caught up with him, panting in exertion.

“Nice plan!” Nereus called. Theron scowled at her twin brother and resisted the urge to make a rude hand gesture.

She had failed. She was going to become a woman, busy with marriage and motherhood, without any last childhood victory.

It was only after starting to plan her revenge that she realized that she was on a part of the wall none of the other children had ever been able to reach. The revelation instantly made up for losing the race. Looking behind her, she saw it stretch towards one of the sheer rock faces that arose on either side of the ruins. Though there was nothing immediately interesting in sight, it was hers to explore.

  1. Absolutely loved the ending of this snippet. The mystery of the unexplored calls to us all and never more so than when no one has tread there before. Wonderful touch.



  2. Enjoyed that (especially the end)

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