The Girl At The Keyboard.

You have reached the blog of Bethany Ward. I am a twenty-year old CSCE student by day, and a writer by night at every waking moment.

This blog has been created for two purposes: the first is to force a structure upon my often disorganized thoughts and give them somewhere to expand, rescuing them from their haphazard homes in various journals and on the back of envelopes; the second is to connect with the writing community, both local and global. I have not met many serious writers in my life, though I always wanted to become one. Few people really want to discuss the nuances of a character or understand a feverish love for punctuation, much less the urge to sit and stare at a computer screen for hours with only a few measley paragraphs to show for it. My hopes are that this blog will give me both an outlet and a way to keep in touch with other writers.

To that aim, I feel I should say a few things about myself. As a writer, I primarily focus on the goal of writing a fantasy novel. I have always been fascinated by the genre and spent much of my childhood entertaining myself with ideas of great adventures and magical creatures. Every shadow in a swimming pool was a mermaid; the rustling of the grass could be a fairy in need, ready to take me on some grand quest. The ideas of opposing worlds full of magic and myth have never fully left my mind, and since I was very small I was eager to share the worlds I had created with others. Reality was never enough; I always imagined (and still imagine) something bigger.

I have some large hurdles to get over, however, in order to tell the stories I want to share. However, I am hoping with the help of a more organized outlook and becoming involved in a community that loves storytelling as much as I do, I will be able to work through those obstacles and finally tell a tale in its entirety.


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