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Seven Things About Me.

Madison Woods gave me this blog award! Here are the rules:

1. Thank the one who gave me this award. (Thank you again, Madison! 🙂 )
2. Share seven things about myself.
3. Present this honour onto 15 newly discovered bloggers.
4. Drop by and let my fifteen new friends know I love them.

1. The first “book” I ever wrote was in elementary school. It was a picture book about flying cats, written and illustrated by me in crayon. The entire plot centered around the fact that the youngest of the cats, named Skittles (due to the fact I apparently decided he needed to be rainbow colors), was just learning how to fly. My teacher stapled it together for me, and I think my mother still has it.

2. I don’t watch television, though I enjoy movies. This is mainly because I’m often too distracted by the internet to sit down and watch television shows regularly.

3. I’m fascinated by Norse Mythology. My family is all very big into Medieval history (to the point of being Middle Age reenactors), and that of the Norsemen has always been one of my favorites. I’ve read the entire poetical Edda, and am beginning on the prose.

4. I’m a huge J.R.R. Tolkien geek. He’s my favorite author. I own all of LotR, The Silmarillion, and The Hobbit, and am working on collecting the series of notes his son put out. I am not yet geeky enough to have learned more than a few words in Elvish, though.

5. I have three cats and a dog, all of whom I love to pieces. My oldest is a fourteen-year-old black cat that I’ve had since I was seven. She’s currently trapped in a bright pink baby onesie because she has stitches from a tumor removal. She seems to take offense when I laugh at her.

6. I love web design. I haven’t done it much recently, but I started teaching myself HTML when I was ~13 by downloading free layouts and customizing their code. (Shameless plug both for myself and my dad: I created his website, Ward Metal.)

7. The semi-colon is my favorite piece of punctuation. It may be a little odd to prefer one piece of punctuation over another, but I’ve always found the semi-colon the most useful.

And now for 15 newly discovered bloggers. Well, to be honest, everyone’s new to me! So I’m just going to go down my twitter list, here…

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@Jaleta_Clegg has a blog called The Far Side of Normal, currently with an awesome looking recipe for lemonade!

@SpinyNorman has a blog called Dad At The Chalkboard, featuring a funny letter he once wrote to the Department of Transportation in Tulsa.

@KA_levingston writes a blog called Wicked Words of Wonder, currently featuring her Teaser Tuesday post!

@andrewmorrisey has a… “non-blog?” I’m not entirely sure what this is about, but it does look fascinating, and the trailer is great! Find it at Free the Wheel.

@WritingNoDrama gives you permission to suck in her new blog post at Writing Without The Drama!

@djmorel makes some interesting observations about Amazon’s new Kindle at D.J. Morel’s Scribbles.

@Neil_ODonnell asks the question of what “Show, Don’t Tell” means at his blog.

@StuartCooper205 has a sad story about reviews and plagiarism up on his blog, A Writer’s Journey.

@rebeccadiann has some fascinating posts on her time in Alaska on her blog.

@Derek_Haines reports on a strange phenomenon regarding the Iphone 4 in his small community on his blog.

@bitsyblingbooks reports on the Got Books? event on her blog What’s Charlie Talking About?

@CaraWallace celebrates Bloomsday on her blog, Sunset Stories.

@thesarahclark‘s “boss” has kindly given her the week off due to surgery, but you should go check out her blog The Mother Load anyway.

Last but certainly not least, @elizabethkarr has a blog following the production of her film, Radio Free Albemuth, an adaptation of a Philip K Dick novel. You should definitely go check it out!